Our mission is to end catheter related failures in vascular access and improve patients' quality of life.
ATTWILL was founded in 2013 with the mission "to end catheter related failures in vascular access, and to improve patient quality of life while undergoing treatment using a catheter".

ATTWILL is engaged in the development and evaluation of new IP, and the design of innovative excellent accessory products that can improve both treatment and patient outcomes by significantly reducing the complications caused by vascular access devices. ATTWILL operates a fully integrated commercialization business within a 36,500 square foot facility that includes R&D laboratories, piloting facilities and seven ISO 7 cleanrooms for manufacturing. Our ISO 13485 2016 manufacturing includes six freeze dryers that are used in the processing of ATTWILL products and in contract manufacturing of products that include pharmaceuticals, drug ingredients, medical devices and nutraceuticals (for more information on our manufacturing facilities please visit www.attwillmedical.com).

ATTWILL has filed 8 patents on two technologies and has one patent issued for a core technology. The two core vascular access technologies are novel devices. One device sterilizes the inner lumen of devices. CHGLock is a connector device for delivering Chlorhexdine (antimicrobial) into the lumen of catheters during the locking of catheters. Its goal is to eliminate bacteria inside catheters. ATHLock is a connector device that delivers novel antithrombin and heparin (anticoagulant) into the inner lumen of catheters during the locking of catheters. The goal of ATHLock is to prevent blood clots inside the catheters. The market potential according to these two technologies is estimated to exceed $3 billion (over $2 billion to treat infections and $1 billion to treat catheter thrombosis). These two technologies have been licensed to ICU Medical Inc. for world wide distribution. ICU Medical is the market leader in catheter connector valve technologies. ICU is a NASDAQ listed company.

ATH is a platform technology that can be used where heparin is currently being used as an anticoagulant. It can be applied as a coating to devices, such as catheters and VADs (ventricular assist devices) where blood clotting on the device is potentially harmful to the patient. We also believe ATH can be used as a safer systemic anticoagulant and could initially go to market as an orphan drug.

Our third core technology platform is XirTAM3. This is a unique technology that forms a three dimensional matrix made up of Microscopic structures (nanofibers) similar to natural extracellular matrix (ECM) under physiological conditions. The ECM forms critical pores approximately the same size as human tissue. XIRTAM3 is ideal as a medium for stem cell research and for a number of medical applications such as hemostasis and tissue regeneration.

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Products that end catheter related failures in Vascular Access